"I would like to thank the [Utiliscan] team for their perseverance on site. The conditions were extremely difficult and they were still able to complete the works in the usual helpful, determined and professional manner" Bethan Short, Aecom
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Utility Mapping & Drawings


Full Utility Mapping from Utiliscan is the perfect solution for anybody wishing to locate and map underground apparatus and services, Utiliscan use various different types of state-of-the-art technology to induce signals into both the ground and buried utilities to allow tracing and mapping of them.

Alternatively we can simply provide service clearance of drilling and excavation locations or a site mark-up; these are just some examples in which Utiliscan’s surveyors can work, we appreciate that not all projects have the same requirements and reflect this appreciation in our ability to provide tailor made solutions for each and every client.

Alongside utility mapping Utiliscan are able to offer our own in house topographical surveys, once completed these can act as a base tile to underlay your utility map.

Alternatively if you can provide a drawing in a format Utiliscan can work with Utiliscan’s surveyors are able to survey all utilities with a GPS systems and simply add this information on to your existing drawing.

Equipment used

Radio Frequency Locator (RFL)

Utiliscan utilise the very latest electromagnetic and radio frequency technology from industry leaders such as Radio Detection, Utiliscan’s survey teams have numerous versions of these tools, namely the RD8000’s, RD4000’s and CAT3+; all kits are utilised with signal generators to induce easily traceable signals.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR):

Utiliscan recognise the benefits, and heavily invest in the top of the range GPR equipment from manufacturers such as Mala and Radio Detection. These radars are a very useful tool when locating numerous items such as utilities, tanks, foundations and even pile caps. Inline with the legal requirements of the Radio and Wireless Regulatory Authority OFCOM, Utiliscan hold a GPR licence.

Total Station & GPS:

Moving with the times, Utiliscan no longer rely on putting pencil to paper and logging locations of utilities ready for the production of an A1 map/drawing, Utiliscan now utilise state-of-the-art Total Stations and GPS systems, this allows all gathered information to be accurate to +/- 1mm. The systems gathered information can then be downloaded directly into our AutoCAD systems and information processed by skilled in house surveyors, this information is then presented to our client by way of a utility map/drawing – these systems are not only more accurate but also far quicker, allowing Utiliscan to present you with your valuable information quicker than ever before.

Utiliscan own two state-of-the-art Leica Robotic Total Station’s as well as a 2 man kit from Topcon.


Utility Map

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